Feinstoff - Ayurvedic Superfoods

Monday, 07. November 2016

Feinstoff - Ayurvedic Superfoods

Committed to Ayurveda

Inspired by ayurvedic teachings, Feinstoff began with effective teas. They soon expanded their range to include a wide selection of superfoods, plant powders and seeds that follow the Ayurvedic Rasayanas.


For each product, Feinstoff focused on the holistic effect of the food. Feinstoff wants people to feel good. Their products contribute to increasing your well-being as they are very rich in nutrients.

In selecting the ingredients, only the best quality is used. All the ingredients are:

  • organic
  • vegan
  • natural
  • pure
  • raw food quality
  • unaltered in terms of taste, color and fragrance

Why Ayurveda?

The Indian teachings of Ayurveda are several thousand years old. Translated, the term means " the science of life". The digestive system plays a particularly important role. According to ayurvedic teachings, impaired digestive function is the cause of many diseases. Finally, the body can only absorb nutrients properly with a healthy digestive system.

Why Feinstoff?

Whether one believes in Ayurvedic teachings or doesn't, one thing is undeniable: Ayurveda offers a lot of valuable and effective tips for a healthy, balanced life.

Many people appreciate these tips but due to their busy schedule rarely follow through. That's a problem.

For this reason, Feinstoff was looking for simple but effective way to help people to improve their digestive health. Therefore, Feinstoff's superfoods are ground to a fine powder for better digestion and bioavailability.