For our Bee Pure products we reinvented propolis, bee pollen and royal jelly. These supplements come from natural bee products.

Handcrafted: our bees and beekeepers work in a Croatian nature preserve. A unique manufacturing process guarantees 100% natural substances - free from chemical auxiliaries and additives in a 100% pure form! This means that the valuable bioactive compounds, vitamins, minerals and trace elements can really flourish.

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About the manufacturer:

The Bee Family - Who are we?

  • After 20 years of research and experience, we succeeded in introducing pure, untreated propolis on the market. Since then, we have remained faithful to our brand.
  • We use a unique manufacturing process without chemical processes or additives.
  • Our 7 million bees collect pollen from flowers in the natural areas of Dalmatia.
  • More than 300 beekeepers work according to our specially developed harvesting methods.
  • Our researchers: Dr. Saša Radić and Dr. Božo Radić - Co-Founders..
  • Our Queen Bee: Mag Pavlina Antonova - Managing Director & Co-Founder..
  • Our products are currently available in France, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jordan and Russia.

BEE NATURAL - What makes us different?

  • A unique manufacturing process guarantees 100% pure base substances - free of chemical additives and other additives. This allows the valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements to fully develop.
  • Our goal is to keep all of the 300 bioactive substances in Bee Pure products unchanged - 100% pure nature!
  • This makes quality you can see, smell and taste.

Bee Qualified - How we do it right?

The production of Pure Bee products is subject to stringent purity and quality criteria.
Bee Pure works on the "Nature Gift Croatian Propolis" a project with the largest research institution in the country, the Institute Rudjer Boskovic in Zagreb.